Bears and dragons can be best friends

Once upon upon a time, there was a little baby dragon and a little baby bear both born the same year. They were born in the era when dragons were still in hiding. The King who ruled the world had killed all the dragons once and proclaimed they had all been extinct. This was not […]


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Working in a new way

It’s not working anymore. The way things used to work. These are the thoughts swirling around in my head. I am not saying things aren’t working as they should, not at all, all I am saying is it isn’t working in the way that I am used to. I am talking both about ‘working’ in […]

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A new chapter

I know a lot of people say it’s a new chapter in January, whether it’s true or not. In my case, I will continue doing similar things that I did last year so it isn’t much of a new chapter in that sense, but I feel different inside. I feel like I’ve completed something, I’m […]

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Sustainable motherhood

This past night I dreamt that I got pregnant with my third child. In the dream, the decision was made from an impulse that I didn’t think through properly, and when it was too late I realized I do not want to have a third child. It’s funny that I dreamt this, because right now […]

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Entering the new economy

Some of us will have to make a first move towards a new economic system, and I am someone who has heard the calling for a few years now. It can be hard to try and opt out of an old system, with one part still left in it while at the same time entering […]

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Eat the cake first

If one eats the cake first, then one is not going to have the need of having it. That riddle was easily solved, I wonder why I never understood it as such before. You can’t have both, they say. But that’s not the kind of relationship we are talking about here. I will only understand […]

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Service and Livelihood

Imagine a world in which one’s livelihood is divorced from one’s Service. This thought keeps coming to me. When what I give has no relationship with my needs (as in I provide you with a Service that you must pay for, otherwise I cannot pay my bills or eat), because those needs are already taken […]

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That benevolent force

How would I know of that benevolent force – that we may call God – unless I let myself have the experience of living on the edge? How would I know of a miraculous turn of events, beyond my control, if I hadn’t let go of the outcome and let that bigger-than-I force take over? […]

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