Welcome to the Course


Highly Sensitive & Neurodivergent Life: Infinite possibilities with limited resources

I am so excited to welcome you onboard on this journey that we will embark upon together on Sunday the 30th of January.

Every Sunday I will send you an email with the recorded teaching introducing the theme for the week. You will then have the chance to reflect upon it in the Facebook-group ‘Highly Sensitive & Neurodivergent Life’.

We will journey together for 9 weeks. I do hope that towards the end of this course, you will feel confident in your boundary-setting – whether in relation to yourself or towards others in your life – and that you will continue your life spending your energy wisely, where you truly want to put your focus. Only you know what is precious to you.

I can’t wait to start! See you soon.

With love, Ellinor


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