Holy place. The abundance of finite resources

This is the title of a project/book that has been with me for about two years now. I have been working with this paradox for a while – finite abundance – in several ways. In early 2022 I launched an online course for highly sensitive and/or neurodivergent humans that I called ‘Highly Sensitive and Neurodivergent Life. Infinite possibilities with limited resources’, and in a way it was one and the same as this project. The two subheadings – ‘The abundance or finite resources’ and ‘Infinite possibilities with limited resources’ point to the same thing, but the former refers to Mother Earth whereas the latter is in reference to a human person. The thing is though, that they are interconnected, and what we can experience in our human vessel that is our own body (bodymindspirit) also provides us with valuable information about the body of Mother Earth – and vice versa of course.

What do I mean by Holy Place then? Holy Place of course means both our body and Mother Earth. They are both holy places. Our temples, i.e. our bodies, is something that we are to learn to revere – and when we do, and when we understand the connections – we will also cultivate a deep respect for and be able to honour our Mother. For some people, this knowing will come from the other direction, i.e. they will learn that not only the Living Planet is important to protect and honour, but that they themselves are just as much a part of Her.

How can we negotiate, then, that the nature of Nature is abundant and finite at the same time? Isn’t this a paradox? It certainly is, and I see it as a sort of Code that one must decipher, in order to grasp it. I have some hints already, moments of insight, when I feel like I get it – and then I seem to have lost the knowledge moments later. It is not a knowing that I yet fully embody, but I can sense that I will, and that I may have the capacity to communicate what I have learned to others. I also feel like this knowledge is extremely important to spread, for the sake of our wellbeing and that of Mother Earth. That’s why I want to dedicate myself to this project and to the writing of this book that I think it will turn out to be. My second substantial piece of written work (my first one being my PhD project), and my first book.


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