Bears and dragons can be best friends

Once upon upon a time, there was a little baby dragon and a little baby bear both born the same year. They were born in the era when dragons were still in hiding. The King who ruled the world had killed all the dragons once and proclaimed they had all been extinct. This was not true, because to protect themselves from extinction, the dragons had cleverly hidden some of their eggs down in the bears’ dens.

The little dragon and the little bear started school the same year. Whenever they went out in the world, the dragon had to tuck in her large wings in a bear’s costume not to expose to the world that she was a dragon girl as this would have been too dangerous. The bear and the dragon always had such a fun time together, they were truly best friends, and it never bothered the little bear that her best friend was a dragon. The little bear was a very special bear girl, wise beyond her years, and she never made a difference between the different creatures that were all part of creation. That thinking never made any sense to her. She had a big heart and wanted to make others feel good, so it did bother her to sometimes see her dragon best friend suffer in a way she could not quite comprehend.

The little dragon frequently got angry, and at other times she would seem lost in another world staring out the window of the classroom. The little bear felt helpless in those moments and wanted to cheer her friend up, but nothing she did could quite soothe the deep pain that the little dragon was holding inside.

When the little bear grew older she met a young dragon man and they instantly fell in love with each other. She always knew he was a dragon, having spent so much time with one of his kind since early childhood. He, on the other hand, had gotten so accustomed to living in his bear’s costume that he had become one with it and rejected the notion that he would be anything else but a bear. Besides, at this time, it was still believed that the dragons were extinct and showing up in the world as one would be dangerous. The bear loved her husband more than anything and he loved her back, but he didn’t love himself and that saddened the bear. She was actually a sensitive one and when she was around others she could feel their pain in her own body.

Because she had been living her whole life with the dragons, the bear did everything in her power to make them feel better. She could not quite grasp the nature of their pain though, because she had never experienced what it was like to be a dragon and having to hide in bear’s costumes. She was herself a bear and comfortable in her own skin, so how could she comprehend such a thing. Sometimes she felt as though her best friend and her husband wanted to punish her for not understanding, and she felt this to be so unfair when all she did was trying her best to make them feel better. As time passed, she was getting more and more tired from the burden she felt of trying to comfort the people around her. She could not take it much longer.

Meanwhile, the dragon had grown up and had met another dragon friend with whom she could talk to about her pain and getting a mirror to look at. Someone who could relate to her life story from an insider’s perspective. The other dragon woman had a similar life story but she had also found a way to cope a bit better with being a dragon in bear costume. The other dragon was a warrior dragon of a revolutionary nature and had spent her whole life studying revolutionary beings. She had found a sense of hope and power in the knowing that one day, she would be part of the liberation team rescuing the dragons from captivity. She had envisioned a world in which all the creatures that exist would live in peaceful coexistence with each other. Although she too suffered from having to hide in a bear’s costume, this inner hope of hers kept her going.

One day, the little dragon who was now a woman dragon, decided that it is time. She was no longer willing to hide inside the bear’s costume, and decided she was going to take a leap of faith and expose who she truly is. Even though it might still be dangerous she was no longer willing to tuck her wings inside that awful costume, and she was longing to fly. Oh, she was desperate to fly! So she called her best friend, the beautiful bear, and told her what she was planning to do.

But now the bear got scared. Knowing that dragons don’t naturally live in a bears’ den, their natural habitat being on the Rocky Mountain, she feared that her best friend – and worse – her own husband would find out that they liked their newfound freedom so much they would abandon her and leave her all alone to take care of everything down in the bears’ den. She couldn’t find it in herself to be happy for her dragon friend. She felt scared and resentful, that after having spent her whole life caring for and supporting these clumsy stupid dragons who don’t really know how to behave properly in a bears’ den, they would now leave her. She felt betrayed.

What she didn’t know was that something more beautiful than she could ever imagine was awaiting around the corner. She wasn’t meant to know either, because she was destined to believe in a more beautiful world before she could see it with her real eyes.

We don’t have more information yet – the next chapter is yet to be written – but we can tell you how it ends: Bears and dragons can truly be best friends, in the end. The End.


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