My Story

There are many stories of course, but I call this one ‘my story’ to catch your attention. Yes – I need your attention to be able to communicate my messages, and yes – I am afraid of being viewed as an attention seeker therefore, as well as being judged for it. I care what others […]


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I am a Dragon

I may have mentioned it before, but many neurodivergent people feel as though they are aliens dropped on Earth trying to figure out how to be human. Some people believe this in a literal sense while others take ‘alien’ as a metaphor. I myself am very fond of the Symbolic and often use the creatures […]

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Cyclical life

To me, living in harmony with and honoring our natural cycles in this world is a true act of rebellion. I have really suffered from my conditioning to be doer in the world, in the traditional sense of the word, which I take to be active constantly. I am also a doer though, but in […]

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For the Love of Diversity

The name of this blog and the slogan I use for my company – For the Love of Diversity – carries multiple meanings. One can interpret a love for diversity as a position within a political context – one in which one endorses human diversity as cultural, religious, sexual identity and orientation, etc. This is […]

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Withholding our gifts

Perhaps our gifts weren’t valued because they weren’t understood properly, or sharing them may have felt uncomfortable or even dangerous for other reasons. Perhaps we noticed that people didn’t like our honesty so we found ways to not share what we had inside of us. We have all been gifted with something that we can […]

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When wellness is bad for you

How do I begin to describe this? I am someone who is in favor of what we call ‘holistic health’, i.e. a view on health that takes the physical, mental, emotional, social, intellectual, and spiritual aspects of a human into consideration. However, I often feel like advice that are branded as ‘holistic’ – and should […]

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Is time to be managed?

I am hosting an online course for the first time, Highly Sensitive & Neurodivergent Life, with a group of people who are either hsp or both hsp and also neurodivergent. I have promised to teach them all I know about boundaries, as this is an important skill for people like us to master if want […]

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Taking back the Misnomers

A lot of people are skeptical of the practice of ‘labeling’ that comes with our current view on deficit-based diagnoses of neurodivergent humans. It’s understandable that one would reject a label that describes one personality type when it is described in relation to another personality type, listing what the former lacks in relation to the […]

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